Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FLA: Weedon Island Preserve

Right off the Gandy Bridge on the Pinellas side of Tampa Bay is a beautiful preserve called Weedon Island.  The park opens at 7AM and I was there by 7:30.  I wanted to be out early before the crowds and the heat.  I launched by kayak and floated out into the preserve.

The kayak path is well marked.  I loved the long mangrove tunnels.  The first half of the trail is mostly tunnels with a few open spaces in-between.

I was floating along when an Osprey dove in an opening in front of me.  As I floated closer and closer I grabbed my camera and had it ready to shot.  I thought he had grabbed a fish but I guess he missed.  I got within 5 feet of him and he took off.  This time he dove, grabbed a fish and head off to the mangroves.

Two hours later I was finished with the trail.

Absolutely loved the kayaking trail.  The first half of the trail you can see all of the boardwalks and observations towers for people who want to hike the preserve which I need to do as one of these days.    I highly recommend checking out Weedon Island it is great for kayaking, hiking and biking.  


  1. Wow - fabulous nature shots.

  2. Great shots. I would love to kayak there and just watch the wildlife.



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