Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tasty Thursday: Ice Cream

Hello Summer!  How are you doing?  You have been mighty hot and humid so far.  But I'll show you!  I'm going to eat some homemade ice cream on the screened in front porch.  I point out it is screened in because summer means mosquito and we want nothing to do with those blood suckers.  

Here we go scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM.

Enough.  I'm on it.

Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Gather the ingredients peeps:
2 cups of heavy whipping cream
2 cups of whole milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup of sugar divided (3/4 cup and 1/4 cup)
1 vanilla bean
6 large egg yolks

Very important you will need something to churn this ice cream.  This can't be made without it.

Combine first 3 ingredients and 3/4 cup of sugar in a large saucepan over medium heat.  Scrape in vanilla been seeds and made to the mixture along with the pods.  Cook.  Stirring constantly for at least 7 minutes or until sugar is dissolved.  Do not boil.  Remove from heat and let stand for 15 minutes.

In a medium bowl beat your egg yolks well.  Add remaining sugar.  Combine.  Gradually stir in 1 cup of the warm cream mixture.  Now add this mixture back to the saucepan.  

Combine and cook over medium heat - stirring constantly for at least 11 minutes.  The mixture will thicken and coat the spoon.  It doesn't hurt to check the temp with a candy temp.  You want to reach 160 degrees. 

Pull out the vanilla seed pods. 

Now this needs to be chilled down before moving to the fridge.  Fill a large bowl with ice and place bowl on top.  For the next 20 minutes or so check back on the mixture from time to time and stir.  Once mixture has cooled down.  Add mixture to a bowl with lid and place in the fridge for the next 4-6 hours.

We have the Kitchenaid Ice Cream Bowl attachment for churning process.  The bowl has a liquid bladder and has been in the freezer for the last 48 hours so it is frozen.  I get the attachment set up and running.  I slowly add the cream mixture and let it churn on low for the next 45 minutes.

Once complete the ice cream is rather soft.  It is so very edible but the ice cream needs to go in the freezer to have the full ice cream look!

The next day!  Frozen and scooped.

The last time I had homemade ice cream was high school chemistry class with Mr. Shapiro.  I remember it well.  I remember the teacher well!  It is amazing how some experiences and people stay with you.  Anyways each table made ice cream.  My table made butter pecan.  It was amazing.

This simple vanilla bean ice cream was just as amazing.  Sometimes there is nothing like homemade.  

What is you favorite flavor of ice cream? 

I just showed you my favorite!

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  1. This is awesome! I like mint chip best, but no one else in the house likes it. Vanilla is our all around crowd pleaser.
    We had an ice cream "ball" that you put ingredients in and then were supposed to toss or roll back & forth for a very long time and it would make ice cream. But only a very small tumbler of it. We would basically have to toss the ball around for a coupe of days in order to make enough for everyone. This looks like it makes enough for the family to enjoy! :)
    Mosquitoes have been treacherous here, worse than usual. Lots of rain = even more standing water & hatching grounds than we already have. Land of 10,000 Lakes and half a million swamps!



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